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"Planting seeds of kindness one bouquet at a time."

Have you ever attended an event and witnessed the extraordinary beauty of all the floral arrangements that are placed throughout? The impressive bridal bouquets billowing with an array of gorgeous color? The massive archway designs wrapped in all things lovely?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all that beauty when the event is over? Sometimes the beautiful arrangements sit there with nobody really sure what to do with them. Many times they go in the trash. Either way, in the end all of it headed for the landfill. 

Thus, Project Flowers was born. 

What if all those beautiful flowers that get tossed out from weddings, corporate events, memorials and flower shops could be re-purposed into smaller bouquets and then hand delivered to our local woman's shelter, our veterans, the sad, the sick, the lonely?

With Project Flowers, they can. 

Our mission at Project Flowers is to build bridges within our community and plant the seeds of kindness one bouquet at a time to individuals who may be experiencing challenging times in their lives. With our volunteers and through donated funds, flowers, and supplies, we are able to repurpose event floral arrangements into smaller bouquets and hand deliver them to people in our community who could use some kindness in their life.

Donate flowers